Technology DLE Classes

Digital Literacy & Equity

As a response to the evolving digital landscape, MakeIt Haverhill (MIH) introduces the Digital Literacy and Equity (DLE) program! DLE is a sustainability service that provides comprehensive technology-based training for residents to compete in the modern job market. We jumpstart residents’ entry into the workforce with technology training and access to computers and the internet.  


Our program addresses the immediate needs of our most vulnerable populations. We start with the basics: How to use a computer; How to create an email account; How to manage files; And how to access other community resources. We utilize our community space outfitted with laptops computers and high-speed internet access for workshops, zoom webinars, and community engagement events.  

By providing exposure to technology, innovation, and ideas, MIH supports job growth and entrepreneurial endeavors leading to better economic outcomes for families in the neighborhood, and the city as a whole. Our collective vision is to connect our residents to resources that will positively impact their lives. We want to see people learning from and teaching each other. DLE is targeted to people of all abilities and talents, regardless of means. We embrace diversity and bridge the opportunity gap with skills that defy language barriers!  

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Program Leader

Tim Haynes | | (978) 361-0751