English Classes

English Language Learner (ELL) Classes

MakeIt Haverhill’s English Language Learner (ELL) classes develop foundational English skills for non-native speakers and help them build the confidence to read, write, and speak English effectively. We support a variety of students from diverse cultural backgrounds and ethnicities. MIH recognizes that many adult learners need part-time instruction because they have children, families, and other life commitments. That’s why our classes are flexible and responsive to adult learners’ needs. We accept all registered and drop-in students.  


Classes typically operate on a 10-week schedule and are held once a week. Lessons are designed to meet the needs of learners at every level, from beginner to advanced. Classes are interactive and include group activities, assignments, and independent work. We focus on grammar, syntax, spelling, and punctuation.  Students are given access to learning resources and can engage in self-directed learning outside of the classroom. All courses are supported by volunteer professionals from Northern Essex Community College and Haverhill Public Schools. Instructors are highly qualified with curriculum development and foreign-language instruction experience.  

Our classes are a valuable resource for students looking to gain employment, advance their employment, or further their education. We provide students with the tools to think critically, effectively communicate, and navigate their communities. Although transitioning into the workforce as a non-native English speaker is challenging, instructors ensure that students understand oral cues and master functional vocabulary -two skills needed for in-demand jobs.  

All classes are virtual and conducted using Zoom Video Conferencing. We will add In-person classes in the coming months.  

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