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Leadership Team


Lisbeth Valdez
Program Director

“My goal is to hold the hands of those in need and walk them and their families toward financial stability. We are here to give people the tools and knowledge they need to reach their educational, financial, and personal goals. As a first-generation immigrant, I can relate to the difficulty of adapting to a new culture, learning a new language, and navigating new systems hence why I am determined to help others attain stability.

Noah Greenstein
Marketing Coordinator,
Americorps VISTA 

"With a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Northern Vermont University, I offer hands-on experience working with non-profit organizations and small businesses to create logos, posters, social media, and other marketing materials."

Marie Caprio
Program Director

"I'm excited to join the MakeIT Haverhill team. I'm passionate about serving community members in Haverhill and the Merrimack Valley!"
Marie has experience working in non-profits. She is bilingual in Spanish. For fun, she likes to make art, mainly paper collages. She's lived in Haverhill for the past few years.
Shara Herasme.jpg

Shara Herasme
Bilingual Digital
Literacy Instructor

I am extremely committed to this new experience at MakeIT Haverhill, a space accessible to everyone! As a social communication professional with extensive knowledge in computing, my work of guiding and providing knowledge has become one of my greatest purposes at a professional level. For me it is gratifying to contribute to the development of the community in the educational and work fields.
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Zarla Benachii
ACC Fellow

"I was exploring the neighborhood and looking at what each place had to offer and eventually discovered MakeIT Haverhill. I’m working to strengthen impoverished neighborhoods through technological ascension.”

Instructors & Volunteers

preview-full-KB Headshot.png

Keith Boucher

MakeIT Haverhill

Co-Founder, Volunteer

"I am passionate about giving back to my community and lifting up others. After a successful thirty-year career in software, I chose to focus on building and staffing a volunteer workforce development non-profit (MakeIT Haverhill), with a focus on employment, education, and entrepreneurs, that bridges the Digital Divide."


Veronica Rodriguez

Community Outreach

Lead, Volunteer

“I had worked on other volunteer projects to help our Mt. Washington neighborhood and I found MakeIT Haverhill through Keith Boucher. My goal with community outreach is that all Haverhill residents know about our organization and what we offer.”

preview-full-Jodi Templer.jpg

Jodi Templer

English Language

Instructor, Volunteer

"I am a retired ESOL teacher with over 40 years of experience teaching English to students of all ages, backgrounds, and levels! I taught K-12 ESOL in Medford, Lawrence, and Methuen Public Schools, and at Northern Essex and Middlesex Community Colleges. I have also taught ESOL writing and pronunciation for several private companies. I speak French and Spanish, having lived and taught in France and having traveled to the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, and Mexico.I was happy to learn about MakeIT Haverhill from a friend and ESOL colleague. I would like my students to strengthen their skills for work and to communicate with their children’s school."


Erik Spillman

Jack of All, Volunteer

"I joined MakeIT Haverhill last year because I wanted to apply my Spanish language skills and desire to help others in order to make a small difference in the lives of the people we work with. Volunteering at MakeIT Haverhill improves my confidence and gives me the opportunity to build on my skills, which in turn makes me more effective as a volunteer."


Mike McDougal

Digital Literacy and Equity

Assistant, Volunteer

In the IT world, engineers without a traditional education are usually described as 'self-taught'; in reality, there's no such thing. I've benefited from family, mentors, co-workers, friends, and random folks online giving generously of their time throughout my years in the industry. MakeIT Haverhill gives me the opportunity to pay it forward and make an impact in my local community!


Taïna Mathurin Janvier

Community Resource,


I’m currently a Digital Literacy student at MakeIT Haverhill. I also volunteer as a

translator & interpreter in Haitian Creole, Spanish, and English, especially at the Job Fairs.

I’m passionate about learning and helping other migrants in the community.


The first time I went to MakeIT Haverhill was for the Small Business Digital Literacy Class. Since then, I started working as a volunteer interpreter so I could help my Haitian community. I am very grateful for the way the staff have been so welcoming, and for their kindness, understanding and desire to help others by offering free classes and preparing immigrants to integrate into their new life here in the United States.

preview-full-christine -6.jpg

Christine Kwitchoff

Workforce Development

Leader, Volunteer

"I was aware of MakeIT Haverhill from media coverage of their launch. But my interest deepened when Team Haverhill hosted one of their monthly meetings at the MakeIT Haverhill collaboration space. I was hooked! I want our local companies to be filled with happy and productive employees from the Mount Washington neighborhood. Everybody wins if that happens!”

preview-full-Jane Thiefels.jpg

Jane Thiefels

English Language

Instructor, Volunteer

I did curriculum development and taught in a 5-level ESL program for 32 years at Northern Essex Community College in Haverhill, Mass. Summers and a sabbatical year took me to teaching and learning opportunities all over the world. I also had 3 assignments with the State Department/Georgetown University as an English Language Specialist, where I worked in Togo, Benin, and Djibouti. Andy Vargas, a MA State House representative recommended me to Keith when the program was starting up. I want my students to communicate with confidence, so I first work to build community in the classroom. That way students can know each other and learn as a group and not focus solely on me as the teacher. I want the students to have excellent pronunciation and simple but accurate grammar. I reinforce this by constant repetition, dictations, oral reading, and homework."

Untitled design-3.png

Mark Palermo

English Language

Instructor, Volunteer

"I was born in Lowell and grew up in a three-decker in Lawrence. I was a college instructor at NECC for 36 years, after which I volunteered to teach English at MakeIT Haverhill. I have also worked as a court translator, professional musician, journalist, textbook editor, meter reader, carpenter, factory worker, dishwasher, boiler fireman, taxi driver, and day laborer. My wife and I ran the Lawrence Film Festival for several years. I have a Master’s from UMass Salem. I studied art in Spain, lived in Mexico, and speak fluent Spanish. I have written over 200 articles on a wide range of subjects. My book, Oneness- Pathway to the Stars, will be published in the Spring of 2023."

Untitled design-3.png

Frank Vasquez

Small Business

Instructor, Volunteer

Frank is one of our Small Business Computer Course Instructors! He's an IT Director and still manages to find the time to give back to the community, which is no easy task. Frank has a knack for learning; he is always picking up a new skill or hobby. MakeIT Haverhill is lucky to have found such a wonderful and multi-talented volunteer!


Nick Pulliam

Workforce Development,


I joined MakeIT in Haverhill because I wanted to use some of my free time to help my neighbors in Haverhill and to meet some new, like-motivated/minded people. At first, I thought I could help with teaching English as a second language, but I was happy to help wherever I was needed. I really enjoy all the folks on the team and helping them in my own small way. The mission of MakeIT Haverhill is about as uplifting as any I have come across. I am a graduate of a vocational high school, a college graduate, a father, a law school graduate, and a member of the Mass State Bar. I am also a Veteran of the U.S. Army Reserve and served a year in Iraq. I’m a dad of two, and share my home with my wife, Maria, and SEVEN extended family– all from Nicaragua, my wife’s home country.

Widnay Thenor.jpeg

Widnay Thenor

Community Resource,



preview-full-Tim Haynes.jpg

Tim Haynes

Digital Literacy & Equity

Program Advisor, Volunteer

“My wife Jessa and I recently began attending the Unitarian Universalist Church of Haverhill, which is a donor to MakeIT Haverhill. Through the church (and Google!) I made a connection to Keith Boucher and Community Action, Inc.'s CEO, Kerri Perry! I want to bring public and private community resources to bear to bridge the digital divide and to make digital literacy available to all, especially to those who need it most.”

preview-full-Allan Hislop.jpg

Allan Hislop

English Language

Instructor, Volunteer

"I am a retired Professor from Northern Essex Community College (NECC) where I coordinated the English as a Second Language (ESL) Services for 20 years, and then the Foreign Language area for 16 years. I designed services and taught all levels and kinds of ESL, Spanish for foreigners, and Spanish Translation (for ESL students). I have lived all around the world: Spain, Saudi Arabia, Mexico City, Chile, and Paris. I enjoy translating and have translated one book from Spanish and one book from French! I am a volunteer ESOL teacher at MIH, and I work with advanced learners. In my class, the goals are to improve the student’s ability to communicate in English and to inform them about our culture and the local area."

preview-full-Thomas Mela02.jpg

Thomas Mela

English Language

Instructor, Volunteer

"I live in Newbury with my wife, our two adult children, and five grandchildren who live in Natick and Burlington, MA. During my 50 years as a public interest lawyer and teacher, I volunteered to teach English to adults whose first language was Spanish or another language. When I retired, I learned about MakeIT Haverhill from Community Action, Inc., and I decided to volunteer. I hope to continue providing legal information about the rights of parents and students in public schools and expose my English class to as many as my personal schedule permits."


Sean Heusser

Small Business

Instructor, Volunteer

“I have been in the IT field for 25 years in various roles related to IT Operations. I am currently the Director of Information Systems for a worldwide maritime shipping company. I found MakeIT Haverhill from an article in a local newspaper featuring MakeIT Haverhill. My goal with MakeIT Haverhill is to help enable and empower fellow community members by sharing my knowledge and experience.”

McKenna Jennings Photo.jpg

McKenna Jennings

Workforce Development,


As a Gen Z-er I had the privilege of growing up with electronics, which allowed me to have the world at my fingertips. In the digital-age that we're in,

having basic computer skills is essential. Looking for jobs, getting directions, paying bills, and so much more are made easier (or can only be done)

with access to and knowledge on a computer. Volunteering at MakeIT Haverhill has given me the opportunity to assist in teaching members of our community with valuable skill sets that they will use everyday.

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MakeIT Haverhill

MakeIT Haverhill is a program of Community Action, Inc. specializing in workforce development. We aim to help individuals and families attain financial stability through our English Language and Digital Literacy training and access to Employment and Career Advancement programs.

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