About Us

Who We Are

MakelT Haverhill (MIH), a project of Community Action, Inc., is a single-story 2000 square foot community space located at 301 Washington Street, Haverhill, MA 01832.

Opened in late June 2019 by Keith Boucher and John Cuneo, we focus on workforce development; specifically employment, education and entrepreneurs in the city of Haverhill. Job seekers, regardless of socio-economic status or identity, can use our space to network, learn, and ultimately generate employment opportunities. 

We are a proud grassroots organization that is completely VOLUNTEER led!
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Matching community opportunity with community need. Whether it's training or jobs, we lift up residents and the businesses that will employ them! Along the way, we empower residents with the skills they need to get a job or further their career.  

Our Impact

MakeIT Haverhill meets clients wherever they are in their life journey. Many of our clients need guidance, direction, or training that they cannot get from their peers, family or friends. In addition to our English classes, computer training and employment programs, MakeIT Haverhill offers personalized support for clients who need career or personal development assistance. 
Explore some of our “samples of success” where MIH has positively impacted client’s lives. Please Note: The names and some of the details have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients.

Josie's Story

"Josie lives in the Mt Washington neighborhood and connected with a local behavioral health employer at a MakeIT Haverhill (MIH) Job Fair. When our MIH workforce volunteer followed up with the hiring manager, we found that Josie wasn’t able to produce the identification required to be hired.  MIH reached out to Josie to find out the problem. Josie disclosed that she didn’t have money to purchase an ID because she was impacted by Covid-19 and living with her parents. MIH happily intervened and helped Josie get her ID documents. In the end, Josie was hired!"