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Job Resources

Looking for your next job opportunity? Explore the resources below and connect with opportunities in the Mt. Washington neighborhood and all of Haverhill.

Employment Opportunities

MassHire Weekly Job Listings

MassHire posts weekly job lists for residents in the greater Lawrence area, Haverhill, and more! Check out their full-time and part-time positions here.

City of Haverhill Job Board

Explore job openings with the City of Haverhill! If you have experience as a groundskeeper, electrician, or mechanic submit an application here!

Haverhill Chamber of Commerce

Search the jobs posted by the Haverhill Chamber of Commerce! Check the latest openings here.

Referral Services

MIH welcomes all Haverhill residents to participate in the MassHire referral service. On occasion, we will offer introductory training that will help our clients understand the different types of career opportunities best suited to their skillset, life goals, or family situation. These training opportunities will be resourced typically by MIH volunteers who do, or have done a similar job and can provide the necessary information and insight.

During the course of these trainings, MIH will connect clients to MassHire, the Commonwealth's one-stop career center, that can provide further guidance. Participants can expect personalized career assistance, job readiness information, funding for technical training, administrative employment opportunities and more!



Session 1:
"Introduction to Certified Nursing Assistant Training (CNA) for English Language Learners"
In this class, English Language Learners will have the opportunity to learn the English necessary to:

1. Understand the needs of clients and communicate with them

2. Understand and perform the duties and responsibilities of a CNA.

3. Work effectively with other employees in a facility healthcare setting

4. Receive encouragement to pursue additional training and guidance in preparation for CNA certification / licensing

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MakeIT Haverhill

MakelT Haverhill (MIH), a project of Community Action, Inc., is a single-story 2000 square foot workspace. We focus on workforce development, employment, education, and entrepreneurs in the Mt. Washington neighborhood and all of Haverhill!  We are a grassroots organization that is completely VOLUNTEER led! 

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